Rebecca Thomas-Squires

  • Qualified Yoga Instructor 
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction Massage Therapist 
  • Reiki Practitioner  

A born and bred Southlander, I have moved back from the Gold Coast, QLD to bring my love of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation to Invercargill. 

I adore how amazing yoga and mindfulness makes me feel. I still remember the feeling I had after my first yoga class "where has this been all my life?" I thought to myself as I floated out, feeling lighter, brighter and taller.

After teaching yoga on the Gold Coast and spending time with the incredible places this took me, including a ten day silent meditation retreat, helping to teach meditation to children aged 7 - 17 at a dedicated meditation overnight centre on the Sunshine Coast.  

I constantly continue to further my yoga studies, with my most recent study being in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. I have also done specialised children's and teenager yoga teacher training as well as Reiki training in Brisbane.

I really had a strong desire to combine what I have learnt, and what I continue to learn to help other people learn to relax and bring into their lives the incredible benefits that are an offer.  

Through yoga, relaxation and stress reduction massage and mindfulness techniques I aim to give people tools for their life toolbox, so they can live in the moment and take time to breathe.