Take the Leap into Yoga

Yoga, the incredible gift that we give to ourselves, but also the gift of connection to others.  I am so extremely grateful that I get to introduce yoga into peoples lives.  I recently asked one of my yogis for a review of the studio and the response I got blew me away. 

Beginners Yoga Invercargill

I have never known “what I wanted to be when I was older” I have felt like I have never had any direction, until I have discovered yoga, your practice, and meditation.

Tucked away in the grounds of the Invercargill racecourse in the old tea rooms, Your Studio is truly delightful.
From the moment you get out of your car you feel at peace.  Never will you again have feeling of stress from finding a park and having change for the meter!

You can feel the love an energy when entering the studio.  I always feeling home and belonging once I open the door.  I always have a feeling of warmth, and this isnt just from the heat pump!

I was at a bit of low point in my life, those close to me told me the sparkle had left my eyes.  Since having my children, I have battled with my weight and myself worth.  Last year my blood sugars became higher enough to to the point of being a type 2 diabetic.

I’m a shy sort of  person and I would never do  anything with out someone else doing it with me, holding my hand so to speak.

One day* I decided it was time to take my health into my own hands.

Through word of mouth I heard about Rebecca and her yoga studio that she had set up.  Like all fence sitters I checked out her website several times and then finally contact asking about the classes which Rebecca offered.  Her response to my questions were prompt, honest and warm.  I felt very welcome and my questions were not silly.

I couldn’t bring myself to do classes straight away, but studied her timetable and decided that 2018 was my year.  It was time to look after myself, and not to feel guilty for doing something solely for me.  I took what was probably the most hardest step I have done in a very long time - I booked myself in for 2 morning yoga sessions and “Create Your Best 2018” workshop - it seemed to be quite appropriate to the journey I was about to take.  I booked these all by myself and just told my husband.

I now can not imagine a life without yoga.

Since my journey has began* I have lost 10kg, I have reduced my blood sugars from being Type 2 diabetic to insulin resistant and my
cholesterol has reduced with out medication - much to the surprise of a dietitian and the delight of my GP.

The classes are non judgemental.  I have practiced along side both female and males, the young, old and the skinny!  Not once have I felt that I didn’t belong, not once have I felt that I was no good and not once have I left feeling low (energy and mentally).  I never have compared myself to others, however often admired Rebecca for her flexibility and long arms - I have even set myself yoga goals and one day I will do a full boat pose and binding.   I have a stomach and boobs which get in the way, but thats ok, because the practice is about me and I only do what my body allows.

Rebecca is such a beautiful,  honest instructor, I feel proud when someone new comes to class and thanks Rebecca for the beautiful practice and that they will be back.  I keep finding myself telling everyone about Rebecca and her studio (including the local radio station), I just cant help myself.  I was secretly looking forward to no one turning up for a class and having the studio all to myself, but there is no way that will ever happen!   Rebecca has also included essential oils, massage and reiki in some of her classes - this is a real treat and is truly blissful.

For me yoga is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it makes me get out of bed in the morning.  Yoga is my beautiful release.

It truly does exercises the mind body and soul.  I have found I have become more spiritual and has given me back the sparkle in my eye and spring in my step - I now value and honour myself.  I am comfortable in my own company and I am looking after and treating myself with the respect I deserve. I joke with people that I have an addiction to yoga - I have gone from practicing twice a week to three times (I work two days) - My husband is a shift worker and with the kids at school I have found classes which are perfect for me during the day.  I have made yoga fit into our family budget, because if I feel wonderful so to will my family.

My spare room will soon turn into my yoga and meditation retreat for myself and daughter to enjoy.  Rebecca has introduced me to a life of spirituality and soulfulness - and it all began with the breath.

Jane Ferguson
North Road, Invercargill