Invercargill Yoga Classes

Your Studio Invercargill offers a wide variety of yoga classes in Invercargill. From beginners yoga, gentle vinyassa, pregnancy yoga, restorative yoga, meditation classes, teen yoga and tween yoga. 

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(Starting 11th February)

MONDAYS ($108 for block)

  • 11:30am gentle yoga - with Rebecca

  • 3:45pm teen girl yoga (13-18 y.o / 9 weeks $90) - with Rebecca

  • 5:45pm gentle yoga - with Jo

  • 7:00pm beginners yoga - with Jo

TUESDAYS ($108 for block)

  • 5:45pm gentle yoga - with Elisa

  • 7:00pm pregnancy yoga (9 weeks) FULLY BOOKED

  • 7:00pm pregnancy yoga - with Elisa (4 weeks)

WEDNESDAYS ($108 for block)

  • 9:30am gentle yoga - with Rebecca

  • 5:30pm gentle yoga - with Rebecca

  • 6:45pm gentle yoga - with Rebecca

THURSDAYS  ($108 for block )

  • 8:45am gentle yoga FULLY BOOKED

  • 3:45pm tween girl yoga (9-12 y.o) FULLY BOOKED

  • 5:45pm gentle yoga - with Kate

  • 7:00pm intermediate yoga with Kate

FRIDAYS ($120 for 8 weeks, starts 22nd Feb)

  • 6:15pm relax and restore meditation and restorative yoga- with Rebecca

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