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Listening to the Body's Wisdom

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A workshop introducing psycho-therapeutic skills for bodyworkers, movement teachers, counsellors and anyone interested in their own embodiment

Visiting presenter Sol Peterson has a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and Psychology. He is a graduate of the Hakomi Experiential Psychology Training and practices Body Psychotherapy, Structural Integration, Watsu and Craniosacral therapy. One of Sol's greatest passions is the development of a truly integrative body therapy. He lives in Coromandel, New Zealand and teaches internationally.

An incredible wealth of knowledge. 

The body is our tool for greater awareness and understanding. It contains all the wisdom we need in our development as full human beings. This wisdom is often hidden in the “unconscious” and not available to our “ordinary” state of mind.

Body psychotherapy suggests that our body posture and shape, our facial expressions and body nuances, our voice, our style of moving and being, the energetic field that we emanate is all a reflection of our emotions, beliefs and our inner experience.
Our patterns, especially limiting ones have tremendous insight to offer us. Safety and a non-forceful attitude are essential factors in befriending our unconscious and revealing its gifts.

Mindfulness, a heightened state of awareness where one observes responses that are most often automatic, is used to develop further awareness and insight. This approach explores the interface of the meditative attitude and therapy.

The content of this workshop is largely inspired by the work of Ron Kurtz and the Hakomi method and augmented by Sol’s 25 years of experience in somatic therapies. This class will introduce principles and basic techniques that anyone who works with the body will find invaluable.

Comments from participants of "Listening to the Body's Wisdom" August, 2005 at the University of Westminster, London

Melanie, Psychologist and Yoga Therapist: "In this workshop, I learned that when listening becomes effortless, the body and mind return to the wisdom of love and loving."

Louise, Massage Therapist: I'd recommend this course to any practitioner who wants to remember what their work is all about. Inspiring, useful, at times challenging- but at the same time very supportive of each person's natural capacities for meaningful touch. thank you."

You will explore exercises that allow you to feel, experience and work with the principles of body psychotherapy as self-development, such as:
• Skills to contact, follow and work with different emotional states.
• Exploring responses to experience through mindfulness.
• Creating a healing relationship.
• Exploring what our habitual body posture and movements can reveal.
• Loving presence as a primary factor in healing and transformation


Contact Sol Petersen 
021 893 055

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