Boutique Style Yoga

Yoga at the Your Studio cottage is personal, private and intimate.  Small class sizes mean you will feel relaxed and comfortable to really enjoy and make the most of this time for you.

To ensure the numbers are kept low, bookings are required for each class.  Please use our online booking system, text, phone or email me to secure your mat. 

Invercargill Yoga Classes

Class Types

Gentle Flow

A gentle vinyasa flow class that is perfect for all levels.  An excellent class for beginners, or for any yogi who would like a slower class, focusing on the breath and being present.  A 60 minute class.  


An amazing combination of Vinyasa Flow Class and a Yin Class.  The class leads up to a Vinyasa Flow in the middle and then slows down to a beautiful slower Yin Style with longer holds to finish.  The perfect class for early morning and getting you ready for your day with a spring in your step. A 60 minute class. 

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Yoga Class Prices 

  • Casual class pass $10 
  • 10 Class pass (3 month) $90 


Yoga + Massage Packages

Starting at $30 per week for a fortnightly massage and weekly yoga class.

Designed to be used over a four week period, so you get the most from them and feel incredible.

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Relax: A great starting massage and yoga package. Dedicate time to your mind, body and spirit.  

4 x weekly yoga class 

2 x 30 min massage or 1 x 1 hour massage 




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Yoga Class Times