Fertility, Yoga and Mindfulness

Fertility and Yoga. This is my personal blog story to date, of how yoga and mindfulness help me stay sane in testing moments of my fertility journey. 

Full disclosure……this blog is about my husband and my journey trying to conceive and the part yoga and mindfulness play in maintaining my sanity – to my family, you have been warned; there will be references to sex.

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Find peace....NOW

Last week I learnt something new about humans which surprised and honestly saddened me.  One of those things that is so obvious, but something I suppose I have not given that much time thinking about.

Recently I have began taking meditation classes at a Retirement Village, it is honestly quite a buzz introducing meditation to this amazing group of people

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My ten days in silence

While living in Australia, I attended a ten day silent meditation retreat.  A former boss of mine asked me to write down what I expected vs what I really got from it and send it to him - he really thought it would provide him with a lot of entertainment. 

The man that inspired me to write this recently passed away, I was extremely saddened by this, and it made me fish out what I had sent to him. Inspiring me to share this. It was something I would not have written about and his passing had made me realise that writing about your experiences really can leave you with something nice to look back on, making a memory vivid and creating a connection with the people, places and your inspiration.

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